2020 Introduction We seek to transform philanthropy into a sustainable institutional practice to bring tangible societal change and make a real difference in people's lives
2020 HUMANITARIAN AID & RELIEF Improving lives brings us happiness and empowering anyone in need brings us honour. Creating hope is a successful investment that will reap outstanding results in our society and the world.
2020 HEALTHCARE & DISEASE CONTROL The health of the people is the foundation for building a strong society capable of driving development and economic and social stability in the UAE.
2020 SPREADING EDUCATION & KNOWLEDGE Our contribution to developing educational platforms is our real investment in the future of young people.
2020 INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP Innovation is a sustainable treasure that underpins humanity’s march towards the future.
2020 EMPOWERING COMMUNITIES The aim is to ensure that there are qualified leaders who are able to continue the process of building in the same spirit and with the same leadership culture.
2019 Introduction All of us have the capability and capacity to make a real difference in the lives of those around us
2019 Humanitarian Aid & Relief To create tangible change, philanthropic work needs a clear vision, strategic planning, defined objectives and efficient resource management.
2019 Healthcare & Disease Control Investing in the healthcare sector, especially in training highly qualified teams to manage and operate it, is vital to creating short and long-term success.
2019 Spreading Education & Knowledge Life is a never-ending journey of learning. The more we learn, the more we realise how little we actually know.
2019 Innovation & Entrepreneurship The future belongs to nations that empower their youth with advanced science and arm them with the tools, knowledge and skills necessary to adapt in the face of rapid global change.
2019 Empowering Communities Water drops make a river, and reigniting civilisations starts with each act of giving. Creating hope kindles new life in our region.
2018 Introduction “We are dedicated to serving humanity and standing by those in need wherever they may be; we believe that our value lies in improving the lives of others, regardless of their colour, gender, religion or sect”
2018 Humanitarian Aid & Relief “Anyone can be a benefactor, regardless of their position or wealth”
2018 Healthcare & Disease Control “If each one of us only gives one-tenth of what he makes, no poor or sick or illiterate person will be among us”
2018 Spreading Education & Knowledge “If we stop learning, we stop progressing in life”
2018 Innovation & Entrepreneurship “New technologies are the fastest way to create new opportunities for our youth”
2018 Empowering Communities “Never underestimate your role, your work or your efforts, for you are in the business of shaping lives, planning futures and building nations”
2017 Introduction All our initiatives and institutions revolve around a primary objective: to invest in people as the most precious resource and the backbone of progress in any nation
2017 Humanitarian Aid & Relief We celebrate our humanity above all else because we are a people who love others and love peace, stability and tolerance
2017 Healthcare & Disease Control The healthcare sector nurtures life and happiness and enriches generations into the future
2017 Spreading Education & Knowledge We seek to collect thought leaders, experts and academics in an open dialogue to share best practices, innovation and experience
2017 Innovation & Entrepreneurship We may not live for hundreds of years, but the products of our creativity can leave a legacy long after we are gone
2017 Empowering Communities Investing in human capital is the global approach in the 21st century, and the only means to achieve sustainable development that drives our country towards greater progress and prosperity
2016 Introduction The UAE is not only an economic centre and a tourist destination between East and West, we are an important humanitarian hub on the global stage
2016 Humanitarian Aid & Relief We are a global humanitarian capital and a major relief station for every person in need. We will not be late in supporting a brother, a friend, a victim, or anyone requiring our help, wherever he or she is
2016 Healthcare & Disease Control If time is life, it is health that gives time its value and life its flavour
2016 Spreading Education & Knowledge One of the most important lessons in history, old and modern, is that the rise of nations starts with education, and that the future of nations starts in their schools
2016 Innovation & Entrepreneurship With innovation we can build states and institutions; the future belongs to those with new ideas
2016 Empowering Communities Closing the doors of hope means opening the windows of despair in our Arab world. We cannon rise without a system of values that motivates people to give to others
Years in Review